EEM - Update Position

Written on January 26, 2009 – 1:11 pm | by admin

Last Friday I made the decision to sell a lower strike price for my EEM.  I put an order in to sell the Feb $25 and it was taken on this mornings pop.  If I were to get called away at $25, I would be at a 3.17% loss for the position.  This is the first call that I have sold that would result in a loss if called away so it will be a test in managing the position.  Hopefully, it closed the option period right below $25 and I can resume selling calls that would result in a profit.

Purchased: 100 @ 27.10
Initial Option Income: $1.08
Feb Option Income: $0.60
Other Option Income: $0.00
Expected Return: -3.17% (-17.58% annually)
Last Period Expected Return: 2.53% (34.91% annually)
Option periods held: 2

* All return after buy and sell commissions
** Last Period Expected Return is the return I would have gotten if my option was exercised instead of expired. 


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  2. By Premium Collector on Jan 27, 2009 | Reply

    I like your site as well as your trades. I’m adding you to my blog list so I can follow what you do. Good luck.

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