January Expiration Wrap Up

Written on January 20, 2009 – 1:24 pm | by admin

I am going to start providing a month end review of what transpired.  I will not show details of individual trades here because I am going to get a real-time position page up and running soon.  Don’t worry, it will also show my closed positions.  This is going to be an evolving process so this is just a start.

Existing Positions on December 22, 2008: SSOx4, UYG
Positions Opened During Period: 5
Positions Closed: 3 (2 closed by me selling the position at a gain)
Option Premium Generated:  $1,398 ~ 5% of portfolio at start month
Positions Open after Expiration: SSOx3, TBT, UYG (ugh), EEM, AA

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